Reviving the historical Hervy tannery in Limoges

In 2014 the Prada Group acquired the French company Tannerie Mégisserie Hervy, specialized in leather tanning since 1936 and situated in Isle, on the banks of the river Vienne, near Limoges.

The aim of the initiative is to re-launch its production, suspended in 2013 because of the serious economic difficulties that concerned the tannery, related to the international financial crisis and the decline in its markets.

The Prada Group also took over the assets of the tanning factory – i.e. the plant and the machinery – and the local skilled labor, who will be gradually reintegrated in the plant, to restore the original production capacity. The craftsmanship that has marked the products made in Limoges for over seventy years is of much higher quality than that of its global competitors.

Faithful to the manufacturing tradition of its territory as well as to historical production techniques and unique and highly specialized hand workmanship, the plant has always produced – and will soon start producing again – extremely soft and high-quality leather goods for multiple uses: clothing, accessories, footwear, bags, gloves and leather goods in general. Manufacturing started again on the 25th of September 2015 with 25 people working.

This acquisition is part of a vertical integration project along the value chain of the Prada Group – in terms of raw materials supply – to secure greater control of the supply chain. At the same time, it serves to preserve artisanal production know-how, so as not to lose an example of the excellence of the tanning industry in the transformation of leather into exquisite products.

The project also presented an opportunity to implement several improvements focusing on the protection of workers’ health and respect for the environment.