The Prada Academy

A training hub whose mission is to pass on the Company’s knowledge and expertise

Prada Group has always combined creativity and innovation with precision and method. This combination of factors is one of the Company’s core strengths and a continuous source of inspiration. This is a key element of the Company culture, that the Group wants to share with its employees and pass on to future talents and professionals.

Prada Academy was founded to become a high-quality training hub, focusing on the management and tecnical skills established on the experience and knowledge acquired in a century of industrial and business activity in Italy and abroad.

The aim is to train professionals by sharing the legacy of knowledge and expertise developed in the various Company units and, at the same time, provide the Company’s own structures with the necessary tools to compete in an increasingly complex and dynamic scenario.

Over the past three years retail training programs has focused on reinforcing store management techniques and help guide and serve our international clientele. In 2016 retail personnel also benefited from investments in digital technology for customer relations, which provide quick and interactive communication with the clients.

Meanwhile, corporate employees enjoyed a wide range of courses on behavior and interpersonal skills, aimed at effectively handling the complexity of the business environment. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, the Prada Group is developing an online platform where all Prada Group employees can manage their courses and consult course materials in a quick, easy and flexible way.

Furthermore, new hires in the corporate and manufacturing divisions in Italy attend a three “Induction Days” program spent partly in the classroom, to learn the Group’s history and main processes, and partly on-site at the industrial facilities. The goal being to help new employees integrate with the company through an understanding of its philosophy and organization. There is a specific section on the Prada Group’s values that guide its efforts in terms of corporate social responsibility. Finally, for those who already work for the Group in Italy but in a capacity that has denied them the chance to learn about the creative and production processes behind every new product, visits at industrial premises guided by the Group’s management are also available.

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With its activities the Craftsmanship School is designed to guarantee an exchange of expertise in the luxury manufacturing sector and to represent a specific benchmark for the development of know-how in manufacturing. This as further evidence that know-how has regained a crucial role in the educational scenario and is increasing in value and social appeal. The courses are offered to young people aged 18 to 24 who are interested in the craftsmanship of shoes, leather goods and dressmaking. The classes include both theory (raw materials, manufacturing processes and techniques, business processes, and basic skills such as computers and English) and practical training in the field, including visits to raw material suppliers.