Message from the Chairman

Our quest for excellence and our passion for beauty provide the foundation for all the PRADA Group’s endeavors, and from the outset these have been allied with our commitment to civil society’s fundamental values: respect for the environment and observance of ethical principles. Our determination to pursue these objectives is expressed in our corporate culture, in our relations both with institutions and with our partners all along the chain of production, and in the cultural projects we undertake for the benefit of the community in every place where our Group has a presence.

Our distinctive approach to all our design, development and manufacturing combines attention to detail with a never-ending quest for solutions that transcend the everyday by marrying tradition with innovation to make products that are universally recognized as embodying a unique style and quality. This the way we set about our work – and it is only made possible through the irreplaceable contributions of all those who work with us day in, day out.

The communities and local areas where we work are a very rich source of inspiration, which is why we respect and protect them, always looking for ways to operate in harmony with the spirit of the place. We aim to stimulate the same sensitive approach throughout our sector – and with all our own partners in particular – so as to help develop a culture of sustainability in our industry.

We consider it one of our social responsibilities as a business to broaden our horizons and consider the consequences of what we do, so that our activities steer economic development in the direction of a more sustainable balance.

This is an ambitious goal, one which we intend to pursue not only by constantly taking the greatest care in running the business but also by promoting culture in all its various forms: culture as a source of inspiration, the opportunity for free expression, and the harmonizing of interests among individuals and peoples.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Carlo Mazzi


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Key figures 2016

The value of people

Le donne della Vucciria, directed by Hiam Abass

The company is built on people. All around the world, the Prada Group is represented by a diversified universe of cultures, skills, nationalities. Our employees’ enthusiasm, craft skills and intellectual curiosity are the indispensable elements that underpin the innovation and quality of our products. We look for people who can combine these exceptional qualities with the values of our Group.
We pay particular attention both to professional growth potential and the integration of individual peculiarities and personal differences within multi-cultural work environments.
This particular sensitivity of the Group towards people, their central role and their promotion is an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.


Safeguarding the environment

The tree – The postman dreams, directed by Autumn de Wilde

We feel it is our responsibility to adopt and promote virtuous behavior, to contribute to the sustainable development of our company and to be an example of best practices within our sector.
We encourage the conscientious use of resources through a daily process of awareness-raising among our employees, along the supply chain, with partners and suppliers to spread the culture of environmental sustainability and to continue to seek out new opportunities to reduce waste.


The value chain

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The Group’s brands, like its products, have always been associated with creativity, quality and exclusivity. In fact, the ultimate goal has always been to offer clients a sophisticated, uncompromised quality product that exemplifies the integrity and prestige of the Prada world: a creative process which stems from the tradition of artisanal workmanship and the constant attention and curiosity towards the contemporary society and its needs.

An integrated value chain, fundamental for an effective combination of quality and innovation, is the cornerstone of the Group’s success. Thanks to the value chain, reinforced by style and design skills and in-house industrial know-how, the Group is able to translate avant-garde concepts into innovative, exclusive products, combining flexible production capacity with rigorous control over qualitative standards; at the same time, Prada dedicates a special commitment towards the development of know-how and the protection of ethical values along its entire supply chain.

Relations with Associations

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We pursue an ethics-driven management of institutional relationships; we aim at achieving common socio-cultural goals and building strategic alliances consistent with a sustainable development of the environments in which we work.

We value the benefits of teaming up with the associations operating in our territories, sharing and promoting different initiatives and best practice. Contributing to their diffusion is a key and distinctive element of Prada Group’s business attitude.

National Chamber for Italian Fashion, Milan


Assolombarda, Milan



Shaping a Creative Future

The Prada Group launches “Shaping a Creative Future”, a conference in partnership with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management.

An opportunity to reflect on the interplay between sustainability and innovation, featuring a series of stimulating conversations with some international representatives in the business, academic and creative spheres.